Critical Alert for Medical Oxygen Cylinder Eases At-Home Caregiver

Critical Alert for Medical Oxygen Cylinder Eases At-Home Caregiver

MIJA was contacted by the grandmother of a five year old boy with chronic respiratory illness for information about MIJA’s Critical Alert for oxygen. She is the primary caregiver for her grandson who is in constant need of medical oxygen. She was looking for an improved means of knowing the status of the oxygen cylinder as her grandson’s constant need for oxygen is creating stress.

She wanted a product that would deliver information about the status of her grandson’s oxygen cylinder. She wanted a pressure gauge that would provide comfort with a layer of information that did not exist with the traditional means of monitoring which led her to doing research on the internet where she found 02 Critical Alert.

The Critical Alert for Oxygen is designed to notify the end user or caregiver when their oxygen supply is getting low via LED lights as well as an audible alarm. The bright lights can be seen from a distance to save steps and time. MIJA provided the concerned grandmother a sample product for her to try. Both the grandmother and her grandson are grateful to MIJA and Critical Alert for providing comfort and assurance that there will be oxygen when needed.

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