Electronic Pressure Switch – MIJA’s 2n1 Technology is the Solution!

Electronic Pressure Switch – MIJA’s 2n1 Technology is the Solution!

MIJA’s 2n1 Technology is a proprietary electronic pressure switch that is integrated with MIJA’s high pressure mechanical gauges. The difference between a pressure gauge and a pressure switch is that pressure gauges measure the amount of pressure, while a pressure switch closes an electrical circuit when a certain set pressure has been met. MIJA’s 2n1 Technology combines the two so it is not necessary to install an independent pressure switch with your pressure gauges. The 2n1 does the work of two products in one. The marriage of the two products in one eliminates a potential leak point in the system.

MIJA’s 2N1 technology is recognized in the fire suppression industry in the US and globally. Our customers in England, Spain, Italy, Malaysia, India, South Africa, and Kuwait recognize the importance and value to the UL Listed 2N1 pressure switch. The 2n1 pressure switch can be used on various inert and halocarbon gases for fire suppression systems. MIJA has been a leader in manufacturing high pressure gauges for fire suppression systems. The 2n1 represents breakthrough development for the manufacturer and their customer.

Your safety and the safety of others are in good hands with MIJA.

For more information on our 2n1 Technology, give us a call at 781-871-5750 or email us at sales@mija.com.

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