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“Innovative, High Quality & Durable”

“The Critical Alert for Oxygen has been a great investment!”

“The 2n1 has cut down our assembly time.”

“I LOVE IT! It takes a Critical problem and makes it a no-brainer.”

“I highly recommend CAO to anyone who uses 02.”

“I do not understand why this is not a required device for everyone on oxygen.”

“Very easy to set up and use, it’s as simple as a flip of a switch.”

“I have been waiting years for someone to come up with this.”

The Critical Alert is a blessing in my Mom’s life….ours too!”

“THANK YOU for our customized 2n1 gauges, they look great!”

“ The Critical Alert is a must have when dealing with patients on Oxygen.”

“Patient’s love Critical Alert”

“Critical Alert Oxygen is a God-send”

“Residents are very happy and have much less anxiety about running out of oxygen”

Critical Alert Testimonial 2020

” Having a child with complex medical needs has its challenges.  One challenge is that our son isn’t able to tell us when his oxygen tank is empty. The Critical Alert for Oxygen not only made our lives easier as parents, but also gave our son increased mobility and independence and gave us peace of mind.  When we contacted Jerry and explained what we were looking for, he was extremely accommodating, kind and sincerely invested in simply making Noah’s life better and safer.  The monitor itself is easy to use and allows family members, teachers and school nurses a simple way to make sure our son never runs out of oxygen, without the need to set timers and repeatedly check the tank. Prior to getting the monitor, we would have to estimate how long a tank would take to empty and set a timer to remind ourselves to check and replace it.  This monitor takes all the guesswork out of the process: it alarms when there is 500psi left in the tank. Pressing the snooze button will silence the alarm and set a timer for 20 minutes at which point it will alarm again.  Prior to getting this device we also had a very big worry that when our son started preschool this fall, he would have a medical emergency from running out of oxygen.  The CAO is a fool-proof method to make sure honest mistakes like this don’t happen.  Independence is something that can be challenging for a child on oxygen.  Since we began using this alarm, I feel more comfortable to stand back at the playground and let him run and socialize without watching over his oxygen.  I know that not only will it alarm if the tank runs out, but it also will alarm if the tank isn’t turned on, which was an unexpected surprise.  We would highly recommend this product to anyone who uses or has a child that uses O2 and truly hope that more families will become aware of this amazing and life-changing product.  Aside from the usefulness of the device, it’s also nice that it does not add too much weight or bulk to the O2 regulator.  This is important because we try to make our son’s oxygen setup as low-profile and unobtrusive as possible.  It was a game changer for us and we’re so thankful  for such an innovative, long overdue product in an industry where medical devices don’t always consider independence and quality of life as a priority equal in value to safety.”