• Prevention Occurs When You're Confident the Cylinders are Charged

    Fire extinguisher gauges have been Keltron’s signature product since the beginning. Our gauges are renowned worldwide for accuracy, durability, and UL-listed certification.

  • Innovative Solutions for Critical Information Delivery

    Keltron’s critical information devices feature unmatched quality and reliability that improve safety, mitigate risk, and lower business and personal liability.

  • Patient Safety Begins When You Know the Right Information

    Hospitals and healthcare facilities depend on the critical information Keltron's solutions provide to improve patient care and to protect their facilities.

  • Fire Protection Starts When You're Sure the System is Ready

    Fire protection systems must be ready when called upon. Keltron’s solutions mitigate business interruption and insurance liability, while lowering risk.

Medical Applications

Take the worry & risk out of administrating and monitoring medical gases.


Fire Protection

Keltron’s fire extinguisher pressure gauges ensure that extinguishers are fully charged.


Industrial Applications

Keltron mechanical pressure gauges ensure monitoring of remaining contents.


Keltron Corporation Announces the Acquisition of MIJA Product Line

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