Pressure Gauges for CO2 Laser Cutting Systems

Pressure Gauges for CO2 Laser Cutting Systems

Thermal cutting lasers are one of the most popular and efficient ways of cutting metal because they offer a high level of accuracy and repeatability, just like MIJA’s pressure gauges. CO2 laser require several different types of gases to operate, such as CO2, nitrogen, helium, oxygen and carbon monoxide.

Most laser cutters need an uninterrupted source of gas because companies run them unattended. MIJA’s Critical Alert gas management system can help insure that the gas cylinders never run empty with its visual and audial alarm. A flashing LED will indicate when a cylinder is low.

CO2 Laser cutting systems also need safety relief valves installed on cylinders to insure the internal pressure will never reach a point where it could explode or rupture. MIJA’s 2n1 Electronic Pressure Switch can help monitor the pressure and prevent damage to the entire gas delivery system.

For more information on how MIJA’s pressure gauges can help your CO2 laser cutting gas delivery system, please contact MIJA’s sales team at 781-871-5750 or email us at

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