2n1 For Computer Room Safety

2n1 For Computer Room Safety

Computer and server rooms hold lots of large, expensive electronic equipment that generate significant amounts of heat while they are being used.

Most, if not all, computers have built in fans to cool the devices down when they begin to reach high temperatures however; these fans are just a small part of keeping equipment cool.

On top of keeping the room cool, allowing space between the devices and keeping the equipment clean, every room should have a fire extinguisher or fire suppression systems readily available for more severe situations.

For extra assurance that your fire protection system in your computer room are properly charged and ready at a moment’s notice the 2n1 technology by MIJA is your best bet. Having our 2n1 electronic pressure switch is the ideal piece of technology for accurately measuring compressed gas cylinder levels. This device is integrated with our low- and high-pressure mechanical gauges to deliver visual and electronic supervision of the contents of a compressed gas cylinder.

With this 2n1 electronic pressure gauge you can save your equipment, save costs of fire damage and most importantly lives that a fire can affect. For more information on our 2n1 electronic pressure gauges, contact our Sales Team at 781-871-5750 or email sales@mija.com.

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