Critical Alert for Welding Gas in a Medical Situation

Critical Alert for Welding Gas in a Medical Situation

According to a recent survey, the United States is experiencing growth in the manufacturing industry. Nine out of ten executives at small and mid-sized manufacturing companies expect solid growth in 2014 and expect to add jobs to keep up.

MIJA has been a part of this growth with our Critical Alert electronic products for gas cylinder management and monitoring in the compressed gas industry. Led by MIJA’s product development team, we have developed and manufactured Critical Alert with both local notification and wireless transmission notifications. This is seen as a large future opportunity for MIJA.

Critical Alert is safe and easy to install. Critical Alert combines MIJA’s highly accurate pressure gauges with a LED light to display the gas remaining in a compressed gas cylinder. Critical Alert also has an audible alarm for cylinder status notification. Critical Alert clearly announces when a cylinder needs attention to eliminate stress and anxiety about the status of the contents in cylinder. Critical Alert is an compressed gas monitoring solution for today’s medical & industrial market.

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