2n1 For Fire Suppression Systems on Board

2n1 For Fire Suppression Systems on Board

Fires on large boats like yachts, cruise ships and navy ships can be very harmful to you, your surrounding yachts and the environment. Fires on large boats are different from fires in an average building because of the extremely confined spaces found on a boat. The small spaces make it very difficult to exhaust heat and smoke which causes the fire to spread more rapidly.

The cause of a fire on a yacht could be anything from a spark catching a piece of paper or fuel being mishandled. As most yacht fires start off as Class A fires, they end up being multiple classes because of the different chemicals and fuels on board.

MIJA’s 2n1 electronic pressure switch is highly accurate when measuring the critical gas level, alerting you when the pressure falls below a predetermined level and the cylinder needs attention. The 2n1 is UL listed and the foundation for MIJA’s Critical Alert production. The 2n1 is available in pressure ranges from 100 to 6,000 PSI, suitable for all types of gases, and available either normally open/normally closed under pressure.

For further questions about the application of MIJA’s 2n1 technology contact them at sales@mija.com

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