New Agents for Fire Suppression Systems

New Agents for Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression manufacturers have developed new suppression agents for the suppression systems used to protect valuable assets. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) recently approved a UL listing for MIJA for a 6000 psi high pressure gauge and pressure switch for these new agents for fire suppression systems.

MIJA is a family operated company with 42 years of innovative technology designing. With their strong UL knowledge and decades of experience you can trust that MIJA products are affectively designed to solve market problems. They have been a visionary that delivers superior solutions for pressurized gas measurement and critical information for medical, industrial, and fire protection markets.

MIJA’s products are suitable for most types of fire protection systems:

  • Class A, B, C, D, K
  • Dry chemicals
  • Wet chemicals
  • Clean agents: Halon, CO2

For more information about MIJA’s fire protection and suppression gauges signature products email or call +1 781-871-5750

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