Fire Suppressions Systems in Restaurants

Fire Suppressions Systems in Restaurants

Restaurant kitchens have many working parts that require constant attention to ensure the safety of you and your staff. Hot oil, open flames, and a fast-paced environment could be the recipe for a harmful and destructive fire. The MIJA 2N1 installed on your restaurant fire suppression system is a must-have to ensure 24/7 that your restaurant has proper fire protection.

MIJA’s 2N1 switch monitors the cylinder pressure of the suppression system. If pressure drops below a pre-determined point the MIJA 2n1 will change state activating a notification device (i.e. an alarm panel) that the system needs attention.

Fire suppression systems are required to be ready for use at all times. MIJA’s electronic 2N1 pressure switch will minimize a restaurant’s exposure to costly business interruptions and insurance liability claims.

For more information about fire suppression systems for your restaurant contact us directly at or call 781-871-5750 to speak directly with a MIJA sales representative to learn more way to better protect you restaurant from fire accidents.

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