Carbon Dioxide Monitor for Restaurants and Bars

Carbon Dioxide Monitor for Restaurants and Bars

Carbon dioxide or CO2 is a key ingredient in fountain sodas and soft drinks as well as beer. Nothing kills a pub’s business more than serving flat, tasteless beer!

Avoid the hassle of changing a CO2 cylinder during the busy dinner rush. MIJA’s Critical Alert for industrial gases will notify your bar staff when the CO2 cylinder is running low so they can plan accordingly.

You can also avoid expensive cost with emergency CO2 deliveries when you run out. With MIJA’s Critical Alert, you will always know how much CO2 you have left and when you need to change the cylinder. You will also avoid losing profitable sales from serving flat drinks to your customers.

MIJA’s Critical Alert can be easily installed onto your existing keg beer regulator, beer tap pump system or beer kegging system. Contact MIJA at 781-871-5750 or email us at

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