Why are UL Certifications Important?

Why are UL Certifications Important?

MIJA has over 1200 UL Listings for our pressure gauges and products but what does this really mean and why is it important? UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories, which is a safety organization that is over 100 years old. UL is world recognized as the leader in product safety testing and certifications. When using pressure gauges with highly flammable gases, nothing is more important than safety.

Underwriters Laboratories UL Standards for Safety are developed under a procedure which provides for participation and comment from the affected public as well as industry. The procedure takes into consideration a survey of known existing standards and the needs and opinions of a wide variety of interests concerned with the subject matter of the standard. Manufacturers, consumers, government officials, industrial and commercial users, inspection authorities and others provide input to Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL).

UL is the most trusted. UL Listing is a valuable and trusted tool to facilitate acceptance of equipment. The authorization to apply a UL Listing Mark must be earned through rigorous examination, testing and surveillance that demonstrate compliance with nationally recognized safety standards. UL’s expert technical staff is committed to ensuring that these evaluations are done the right way, so consumers can trust the UL Mark.

Product certification is a critical element of the U.S. Safety System, an independent verification of safe products for safe installations. Look for the UL Listing Mark, and you know that it is backed by a company of technical experts dedicated to the safety of the industry and the public.

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