Keeping Patients Safe at Home

Keeping Patients Safe at Home

What are some of the most important tips regarding patient safety?

Accredited home care agencies follow the national patient safety goals set by the Joint Commission. This means that they need to think about the patients comprehensively. Home safety evaluations are a must to determine risks. In a home, everything from adequate lighting, plumbing, furniture and home design must be accounted for to minimize risk. Patients that use medical oxygen are at risk for potential fire outbreaks, so it is important to educate patients and their families about oxygen safety in the home.

Oxygen enriched areas will make materials burn more quickly. It is important to remember there is no safe way to smoke at home when using oxygen. Candles, matches, fireplaces and wood stoves should not be used. Learn more about fire safety tips when using medical oxygen.

What else can patients do to keep themselves safe?

Patients need to openly share their health history and ask a lot of questions. Understanding the risks and common issues is the first step in preventing them. Many patients feel the need to hide embarrassing facts because they do not want to be judged by doctors and nurses. Healthcare professional are here to help! Without all the information, it can be difficult to determine the problem. The doctor-patient relationship is confidential so don’t be afraid to share all the facts.

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