The History of Critical Alert for Oxygen

The History of Critical Alert for Oxygen

Over a decade ago, the owners of MIJA visited their mother-mother in law at the nursing home where she was a patient.  She was having difficulty breathing which caused Jack McSheffrey to look at the pressure gauge for her portable oxygen cylinder.   Just as he had guessed, his mother-in-law’s oxygen cylinder was empty. At which point he notified the nursing staff to get a replacement.  With thirty years of experience in the pressure gauge business, Jack sensed the issue and was able to rectify the problem quickly.

However, not all patients are as fortunate as Jack’s mother-in-law.  There are many documented cases where patients did not survive when their medical oxygen tanks went to empty.  There are also many documented cases where medical facilities and medical staff are held liable for the oxygen tanks being empty.

This problem sparked the idea and development of Critical Alert for Oxygen, a product which would alarm when an oxygen cylinder is nearing empty.  It would eliminate the potential of a patient running out of oxygen.  Critical Alert provides comfort and information while making life easier for the nurses that care for the patients in medical facilities.  MIJA’s Critical Alert for Oxygen frees up time for staff and alleviates anxiety of oxygen cylinders potentially running empty.

Critical Alert for Oxygen is today’s best economical answer to medical oxygen tank monitoring.  With the bright LED lights and an audible alarm, patients and caregivers will know at a glance the status of their oxygen cylinders and if there is medical oxygen available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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