Pressure Gauges for Enhanced Fire Protection Systems on Oil Rigs

Pressure Gauges for Enhanced Fire Protection Systems on Oil Rigs

According to a market report by Transparency Market Research, the enhanced fire protection system market for offshore oil and gas is expected to reach 4.1 billion USD in 2020. Currently, the offshore gas and oil industries are growing rapidly which directly relates to the increasing need for enhanced fire protection systems to ensure the safety of daily operations.

In a high risk environment like oil and gas hydrocarbon facilities, the health & safety department of each facility has to analyze the risks to avoid fire incidents and promote fire safety.

MIJA’s world renowned fire protection and suppression pressure gauges are known for their accuracy and durability. Our UL listed pressure gauges are compatible with active and passive enhanced fire protection systems. They are suitable to all environments, including FPSO, FLNG, offshore rigs and fixed platforms. FPSO and FLNG vessels require substantial investments in fire protection systems so protect your investment with some of the best pressure gauges in the world.

MIJA is a leader in the fire protection & suppression pressure gauge industry and you’ll most likely find our product on the fire extinguisher in your office or building!

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