Pressure Gauges for Laser Gases

Pressure Gauges for Laser Gases

MIJA has installed a Critical Alert remote system for their laser production. The bright LED lights can be seen from 40’ away so the operators know at a glance the pressure in the cylinder. The information from the cylinders is also transmitted to a control panel in the production room that monitors all the gases in this production area. The information from the control panel is then transmitted to our computer system where all the gases in the facility are monitored on one easy to read screen.

Laser gases are an important part of MIJA’s daily production and it is imperative that the cylinders are operable at all times to meet the production requirements of our customers.   Critical Alert is an important tool to manage the cylinder information at a glance and improve the management time for the operators.

For more information on our pressure gauges or our Critical Alert product line, please contact us MIJA at 781-871-5750 or email us at

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