Medical Equipment & Supply Increase Market Growth

Medical Equipment & Supply Increase Market Growth

The medical gas and medical gas equipment market is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. says that by the year 2018 medical gas and equipment markets is estimated to be worth $14,953 million.

A lot of factors go into the key market drivers, restraints, and opportunities of the market and its sub-market. The main driver of the overall market is the increase in the ageing population as well as the growing rates of diseases. In addition, due to the costs of healthcare in various countries home healthcare and initiating treatment at home is a better option for most people financially.

Due to this growing home healthcare market, MIJA Inc. manufactures an electronic pressure gauge displaying accurate and reliable measurements for medical oxygen tanks. MIJA’s mechanical gauges & Critical Alert electronic gauges confirm the medical oxygen tank is fully charged and will provide continuous oxygen flow.

To monitor the oxygen contents, MIJA Critical Alert for oxygen tanks emits multiple alerts to notify home care givers and patients of the pressure level. When pressure levels are getting too low an audible sound is emitted and a bright color LED notification are made visible, giving both patients and caregivers enough time to change out low oxygen cylinders. These sounds and signals are meant to eliminate the stress that comes with caring for someone at home as well as the risk and liability associated with at-home healthcare. With no external power supply required and the long lasting battery life the O2 Critical Alert for oxygen tanks is safe and easy to install.

For more information about how you can enhance patient safety with MIJA Critical Alert for oxygen tanks contact or call 781-857-5750.

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