What Makes an Effective Medical Oxygen Gauge?

What Makes an Effective Medical Oxygen Gauge?

Medical oxygen gauges are intended to oversee and track the status of a patient’s oxygen supply and they are depended upon to notify the user, as well as the caregivers of any low cylinder warnings. However they can be overlooked for a number of reasons, such as low visibility, inaccurate or faulty gauge components, or countless other examples.

Our Critical Alert for Oxygen clearly notifies patients and caregivers when an oxygen cylinder is full, running low, or needs changing. When the oxygen cylinder is empty, the Critical Alert can issue an optional, audible alarm, and this combined with a color-coded LED light – proves to relieve stress associated with accurate oxygen cylinder status.

The benefits of this cannot be understated. The Critical Alert for Oxygen solution is compatible with most cylinders and maintains an optimal battery life, promising longevity and peace-of-mind for accurate oxygen status notification for your healthcare needs.

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