Materials: What makes an accurate gauge?

Materials: What makes an accurate gauge?

You depend on your pressure gauges to deliver accurate and reliable results – this means your gauges should be carefully selected depending on your application.

Pressure gauge tubes are made of many materials, but the common design factor for these materials is the suitability for spring tempering. This tempering is a form of heat treating and it causes the metal to closely retain its original shape while allowing flexing or “elasticity”. Most metals have some degree of elasticity, but spring tempering reinforces those desirable characteristics. Beryllium copper, phosphor bronze, and various alloys of steel and stainless steel all make excellent Bourdon tubes.

The type of material chosen depends upon its corrosion properties with regards to the process media (water, air, oil, etc.). Steel has a limited service life due to corrosion but is adequate for oil; stainless steel alloys add cost if specific corrosion resistance is not required; and beryllium copper is usually reserved for high pressure applications.

These elements are important to know because it’s this kind of intimate knowledge that allows us to specifically tailor gauges for almost any pressure gauge application.

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