MIJA: A proud Mexican Based Supplier

MIJA: A proud Mexican Based Supplier

When we initially opened our doors in 1972 in America’s first town, Plymouth, MA, we had no idea that we would become a global company. We prided ourselves on our products being made here in America and helping solve problems for those within the fire, medical, and variety of other industries. As the world grew, changed and became more connected, so did manufacturing. In 1998, MIJA elected to move its’ high volume spiral wound Bourdon tube pressure gauge production from Plymouth, MA to Mexico to compete in the growing global marketplace. With the implementation of the North American Free Trade Act, expanding and opening a manufacturing facility in Mexico was the right option for both our business and our employees.  Becoming a Mexican based supplier has allowed us to grow and expand beyond our wildest imagination. Our employees south of the border are not only part of the MIJA family but truly make what we do possible.


As mentioned above, the North American Free Trade Act was put into place with the goal to allow business to work together more easily across Canada, The United States, and Mexico. With the Mexican economy on the rise, we investigated locations to begin manufacturing. Our president of Mexican operations, Jim Sommerio, has played a large factor in our success operating out of the US and Mexico. With his experience in Mexican manufacturing, we have been able to leverage his connections and know how to produce some of the highest quality products on the market today!

The importance of diversity

With Mexico having a rich heritage and history, we are proud to have the hard-working men and women that call Mexico their home to be working with us. Did you know that over 115,000 engineers graduate from Mexican schools every year? Their dedication and hard work allow us to grow and create truly great products.

Where we are now and looking forward

With our global capabilities, working with MIJA provides our clients flexibility, competitive pricing and quick turnaround of truly quality products. We see our 45+ years in business as just the beginning of a much longer story though. With industry and globalization continuing to expand, the need for safety and monitoring are on the rise. We see ourselves in a great position to continuously grow and continue to make products that continue to focus on safety, accuracy and our customer needs!

If you have any questions about our products, services, or capabilities, please do not hesitate to reach out to our sales staff or leave an inquiry on our contact us page.

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