Jack’s vision and drive to establish a pressure gauge company, producing products for the growing fire protection industry, has been MIJA’s foundation since its’ inception in 1972.  He has been influential in the design of products and technology that are the global standards for spiral spring Bourdon gauges.  He continues to design products using both mechanical and electronic technology. Jack attended the Harvard Business School Owner/Manager program and has been a prominent contributor to numerous technical committees for the fire protection industry and UL.  Under his design and direction, MIJA holds over one thousand UL listings.Read More →

Michaela McSheffrey

Michaela has been integral to MIJA since the inception of the company in 1972. She has been instrumental in the organizational strategic planning and business development of the company, ensuring that MIJA is positioned for stability and growth with improved manufacturing processes and training for employees. In addition to her work at MIJA, Michaela has served on several non-profit and for profit boards, as well as active involvement in the Northeastern Center for Family Business.Read More →

David Hynes has been MIJA’s CFO since 1991. He is a graduate of Harvard University (BA) and Northeastern University (MS). His wealth of accounting and business negotiating experience stems from decades of work with MIJA, The Interface Group and Price Waterhouse & Company. David has been instrumental in MIJA’s growth opportunities and works directly with all departments of MIJA. His background, as a member of the Boston Bruins of the National Hockey League, has been utilized in his teamwork at MIJA.Read More →

Jim Sommerio has been with MIJA in Mexico since we began manufacturing there in 1998. Jim is responsible for all Mexican operations, as well as working with the manufacturing team in Rockland to ensure both locations meet our customers’ requirements and schedules. Jim is a graduate of DePaul University with extensive experience in the automotive and fire safety industries. Prior to joining MIJA, Jim was the Operations Manager for the First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector Plant in Juarez, Mexico.Read More →

Tom has been in production management at MIJA since 1995.  Instrumental in all facets of production from order entry through shipment. Tom manages production in the MIJA facility in Rockland, and works directly with MIJA Mexico to ensure that customer orders are produced and delivered on schedule. Prior to MIJA, Tom was with KAO Infosystems, manufacturing high volumes of floppy disks for the computer market.  Tom is a graduate of Johnson and Whales University and he has participated in ISO, Kizan, and Lean Manufacturing training.Read More →