CAO Features

Electronic Oxygen Monitor with Low Pressure Alarm

Critical Alert Oxygen (CAO) is electronic oxygen monitor with low pressure alarm. Designed to simplify medical oxygen management and improve patient safety by delivering vital information using easy to read LED lights that indicate cylinder pressure levels and audible alarm that notifies you once the pressure reaches the red at 500psi.

  • CGA 870 Regulator with Electronic Notification Technology
  • Flow Settings 0-15 LPM (25 LPM available upon request)
  • Audible notification indicates low cylinder pressure
  • LED lights visible from a distance for constant knowledge of oxygen levels
  • Green light indicates cylinder pressure is within a safe range
  • Red light indicated cylinder pressure is low and needs attention
  • Yellow light indicates battery is low
  • 3 Volt Lithium battery (CR123A) provides extended battery life