World Pandemic redefining Essential Business

World Pandemic redefining Essential Business

Together, we are facing a truly unique situation. The global coronavirus pandemic is affecting our families, our businesses, our communities, and our way of life. During this time, we have witnessed individuals and companies of all sizes step out of their comfort zone and extend themselves to help others in need. MIJA thanks you and is here to support our customers and those in need that are fighting against this virus.  

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused many states, even whole countries to exercise caution via lockdowns as we try to reduce the spread of the virus. Just this week, Massachusetts, where MIJA is headquartered, was instructed to close all non-essential businesses until the 7th of April, in an attempt to halt the spread of the virus in the state. While many businesses had to close their doors, MIJA is deemed an essential business as our gauges and electronic products are a “critical element” in the manufacturing and distribution of life safety products being used to meet the rigorous demands of helping to combat the Covid-19 virus. MIJA will remain open to support our customers and fight against this virus.  

Health Care Professionals and Labs

 It goes without saying, the healthcare professionals and lab technicians are the true heroes on the frontline of fighting this virus. Working double and sometimes triple shifts due to high demand in hospitals, medical professionals are caring for those that are sick with the virus and helping protect the public to keep us all safe from the virus’ spread. If you are a healthcare professional, the team at MIJA thanks you. 

Restaurants and Food Processing Facilities

As food processing plants and grocery stores struggle to meet the increased demands, citizens continue to grow more nervous about the implications of the global pandemic. Shoppers are swarming stores, buying as much as they can of items varying from milk and eggs to hand soap and toilet paper.  

As a society who loves going out to eat, we’ve had to change our daily lives to ordering in or cooking for our families. Many restaurants that we know and love have had to transform from dine-in facilities to offering takeout and delivery services. We thank everyone in the food industry from line cooks & servers to facility workers that are keeping us all going. In an effort to keep the restaurants we love open; we encourage people to order food for take out! 

Manufacturers & Distilleries

Some of the largest US manufacturers and distilleries have stepped up in the effort to participate in the innovative field and support the safety efforts trying stay ahead of the curve. Companies like GE, FORD, and 3M have pledged their support in manufacturing medical masks, ventilators, respirators, and other crucial medical equipment. While fashion designers and distilleries have shifted gears and redirected their resources to help produce medical masks, hospital gowns, and hand sanitizer to help Covid-19 relief and treatment efforts. 

Truck Drivers

From the UPS and Fed-Ex drivers who deliver MIJA products to our customers to the Market Basket & Wal-Mart truck drivers delivering life essentials, these professionals are often not thanked enough. While everyone across not only Massachusetts but also New Hampshire, New York, and New Jersey are being ordered to stay inside, truck drivers continue to be the lifeblood of our country. MIJA thanks each and every truck driver for continuing to complete their routes during this time.

MIJA’s Gauges

MIJA’s gauges and electronic products are used in a number of various industries, from restaurants and food processing facilities to healthcare and equipment manufacturers. We recognize the important role we play in providing products and solutions for the essential businesses and together we will get through this as we fight against COVID-19. In times like these, we need to listen to the CDC and our state legislature as we take the necessary steps to ensure the health and safety of our families, our neighbors, and our community. 

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