Staying Compliant through Covid-19

Staying Compliant through Covid-19

During a recent conversation with one of our customers, MIJA was pleased to hear feedback from one of their customers.

en-Gauge stated, “It was a sobering moment as I listened to our client, a Fortune 100 Corporation that had installed en-Gauge technology a little over a year ago.”

“We haven’t been able to get into our building for the last 3 months due to the virus and there is so much that we are falling behind on.  But the en-Gauge technology connected to our building automation system is keeping our facility code compliant when inspections by our personnel is next to impossible.” 

Listed, proven and code recognized; the technology to electronically monitor fire extinguishers has been a key part of automated compliance for high risk occupancies over the past decade.  Large entities have embraced the en-Gauge because of 24/7 accountability, immediate notification, reduced exposure and reduced operational expenses; never did we think interest would be sparked due to a pandemic.

Concerns regarding bio-exposure is real with corporations grappling with empty buildings and the problem of trying to get people back to work safely.  The Center for Disease Control states: “Consider all close interactions (within 6 feet) with employees, clients and others as a potential source of exposure.”  Technology is a logical step in helping minimize exposure, improving operations and diminishing fears and concerns.

Fire and Building codes state the maximum travel distance for a fire extinguisher should never exceed 75 feet.  This means that extinguishers are located throughout every facility in the US, with each one requiring a monthly physical inspection.  However, codes recognize that extinguishers that are continually monitored do not require a monthly physical inspection, reducing unnecessary human contact.

As facilities struggle to stay compliant in the new world, it’s imperative to remove risk, but not reduce safety.  As our client shared, monitored fire extinguishers minimizes the risk of bio-exposure and ensures continual code compliance; even when facilities are unable to be accessed.

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