Respiratory Care Week 2018

Respiratory Care Week 2018

In recognition of Respiratory Care Week, MIJA would like to give a shout out to all of the Respiratory Therapists and thank you for all you do.

For the majority of the population, breathing is not something we think about, it is just something we do. People with respiratory issues such as lung cancer, asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, and pneumonia do not have the same luxury. Breathing can be difficult and quite uncomfortable.

With the help of Respiratory Therapists, respiratory and cardiopulmonary diseases and illnesses can be managed. Today’s respiratory therapists have demanding responsibilities related to patient care and serve as vital members of the healthcare team.

In addition to treating patients, respiratory therapists are required to diagnose lung disease and breathing disorders and then recommend treatment methods. Their work often includes examining patients, performing chest exams, and analyzing tissue specimens to the best option for treatment.

Along with having an extensive knowledge of the cardiopulmonary system, respiratory therapists must be experts in the machines and devices used to administer respiratory care treatments. This would involve managing patients on ventilators and those that require portable oxygen. As the manufacturer of medical pressure gauges and Critical Alert technology for medical gases, we have had the pleasure of speaking with Respiratory Therapists all over the U, S, The one thing that we noticed is how much they all care for their patients. MIJA would like to Thank you for all you, Keep up the great work!

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