Patient Safety Alert: Oxygen Cylinder Use

Patient Safety Alert: Oxygen Cylinder Use

The National Health Service (NHS) recently issued a patient safety alert that warns healthcare staff to re-educate themselves on proper oxygen cylinder use. Due to a recent design change, many staff members may believe oxygen is flowing when it is not, or they are unable to turn on oxygen flow in an emergency.

Cylinders with integral valves are now in common use and require several steps (typically removing a plastic cap, turning a valve and adjusting a dial) before oxygen starts to flow. To reduce the risk of fire, valves must be closed when cylinders are not in use, and cylinders carried in special holders that can be out of the direct line of sight and hearing of staff caring for the patient.

Healthcare staff should seek local advice around which valves are in use.

To prevent oxygen cylinders from going empty without notice, MIJA Inc’s Critical Alert for Oxygen provides visual and audible alarms when oxygen levels reach a critical level. Have peace of mind knowing that your patient’s oxygen supply will never run out without you knowing about it.

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