Emergencies & Disaster Preparation

Emergencies & Disaster Preparation

Are you prepared for an emergency?

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and Irma, millions of people are left without power. It is important to have a plan in place when these situations occur, especially if you rely on medical oxygen. Ask your oxygen supply company about its disaster plans so you know what to expect.

Being proactive will help you stay prepared. If bad weather is forecasted, check your oxygen supply and make sure you have extra cylinders, tubing, batteries, etc. Also know how long your current oxygen supply will last. MIJA’s Critical Alert for Oxygen will alert you when your oxygen supply is running low, even if the power goes out!

Running out of oxygen is a problem that can easily be prevented if you are well prepared. Everyone at MIJA Inc. will continue to pray for Houston, Florida and all those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma. We encourage people help those that were impacted. Here is a list of charity organizations that have all been approved by the non profit group Charity Navigator as highly rated organizations that are currently responding to areas affected by the Harvey & Irma.

American Red Cross Catholic Relief Services Direct Relief Heart to Heart International Americares UNICEF USA Samaritan’s Purse

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