Driving Continuous Improvement at MIJA

Driving Continuous Improvement at MIJA

MIJA has successfully completed an 8-week Plant Layout workshop, that was lead by MassMEP as part of our continuous improvement plan. Before starting the program, there were many opinions on how to improve the layout of the production floor, but by following the Systematic Layout Planning approach we were able to come to a consensus and the results are remarkable.

MIJA organized Storage During the 8-week program, we learned to identify key relationships and eliminate waste, based on the flow of materials and the non-flow relationship between activity areas. We started by identifying key activity areas and documented how the materials flow between each. Then by value stream mapping the material flow we were able to identify the non-value-added activities that we will eliminate, streamline the processes and improve throughput.MIJA Gas Industrial Office

Once we came to a consensus and mapped out the activity areas and the material flow relationships, we were able to start the second step, of the Deming Cycle or the PDCA Cycle, and execute the plans we had made. Once we completed the changes to the production floor, we scheduled inspections to review the changes made, to ensure the desired outcome. After several weeks of inspections, we concluded that the workshop was highly successful. The workshop provided an opportunity for different levels of the MIJA team to participate and the outcome is an organized and more efficient production flow.


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