Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is a magical day for kids and adults alike, made up of glowing jack-o-lanterns, paper ghosts and dried corn stalks decorating your front porch while excited children dressed in costumes excitedly running around the neighborhood to trick-or-treat for mini-candy bars. But there is a fine line between Halloween fun and safety concerns.



Here are some safety tips to help make trick-or-treating safe for your little monsters and princesses this year.

  • Before you head out, make sure any long trailing fabric is tied up so that no one trips and if your child is wearing a mask, make sure the eye holes are large enough so he or she can see clearly.
  • Make sure your kids carry a flashlight, glow-stick, or have something reflective on their costumes.
  • Keep exits clear of decorations, so nothing blocks escape routes.
  • Don’t use real candles in your pumpkins for your jack o-lanterns if you can help it.
  • If you’re burning real candles, be sure they aren’t somewhere it can get tipped over or near flammable decorations.
  • Always blow candles out before you go out or head to bed.
  • Make sure you have at least 1 charged fire extinguisher in a central location on each floor of your home.
  • Also, check to make sure all the smoke detectors in your home are working properly.

MIJA urges you to take precautions this Halloween.

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