Christmas Tree Fire Safety!

Christmas Tree Fire Safety!

room with christmas treeIt’s that time of year again! We talk about fire safety a lot during the holidays, but it is important! Christmas tree fires account for over 13 million dollars in property damage every year in the U.S. Dry Christmas trees are notorious for being quick fire starters so be sure to take the necessary precautions to ensure the whole family has a safe and fun holiday.

When deciding where to put your Christmas tree, pick a location that is away from heat. Stay far away from fireplaces, radiators, candles, vents and lights. Fresh Christmas trees are less likely to catch fire. You can tell a tree is fresh if the needles are hard to pluck and don’t break away easily. To keep your tree fresh, be sure it has plenty of water in the base.

The lights you string your Christmas tree with should be UL tested and marked safe for use. Do not use any damaged lights or lights with frayed wires. The lights on your Christmas tree should also be turned off at night. This will prevent over heating and possible fires.

Lastly, everyone should have a working fire extinguisher in their home. Christmas trees can catch fire quickly so it’s important you are prepared in case of an emergency. If you cannot put the fire out with an extinguisher, call the fire department immediately and get your family out of the house. Fire can spread very quickly.

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