Check out this Article on Critical Alert Universal and Easy Lift Oxygen!

Check out this Article on Critical Alert Universal and Easy Lift Oxygen!

MIJA, the Massachusetts-based innovative technology provider, has two new products – Critical Alert Universal and Easy Lift Oxygen (ELO) – available from 3rd October.

The Critical Alert Universal is a low oxygen alarm which has an extended battery life and is compatible with oxygen conservers, integrated valve systems, CGA 870 oxygen regulators, EMS regulators, and industrial gas regulators.

Critical Alert Universal

The easy-to-transport ELO, an integrated valve regulator with Universal Oxygen Alarm, combines an integrated regulator with Critical Alert Universal technology which delivers 24/7 content status, audible alarm and color-coded lights. It allows the gas distributors to offer their customers a one-piece regulator and handle.

Critical Alert, MIJA’s low-pressure alarm, received a lot of good feedback after its launch in 2014 as the first electronic device to send an audible and visual signal regarding the status of a gas cylinder’s contents. To improve the technology further and to meet customers’ requests for electronic technology that would improve cylinder management,

MIJA re-designed the product so it could be installed in many of the integrated valves being used in hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities.

MIJA said in a statement: “The Universal is designed so it can be retrofitted with most of the regulators in the market. The Universal is a paradigm shift in how medical oxygen is managed and looked at. The bright lights can be seen from 70 feet providing ease of knowing the cylinders’ status at a glance.

“The Universal has been designed so anyone can install it and understand the visual and audible output. The Universal’s patented design is an economical solution for the medical gas industry to provide a product that conveys valuable information about the contents of an oxygen cylinder for improved oxygen management as well as improved health care.

“The end users and healthcare providers who have used the Critical Alert have become accustomed to the new way of managing their medical oxygen. No longer do they have to look directly at the pressure gauge to know if an oxygen cylinder has oxygen remaining. Many customers have found they needed fewer cylinders because they were using up more of the contents of the cylinder.”

The Universal, which benefits from a smaller and more compact case, and ELO were introduced at the GAWDA Annual Convention (9th – 12th September 2018, Seattle, WA) to great interest from gas distributors and manufacturers.

Easy Lift Oxygen (ELO)

MIJA added in a statement: “MIJA is very proud of the Critical Alert Universal and its streamlined design as well as its ability to improve the process for managing and monitoring the contents of an oxygen cylinder for the installers, health care providers, and end users.

“MIJA has utilized today’s technology to improve how oxygen cylinders are managed. The Universal is a wonderful management tool and big step forward in the supply chain for medical oxygen and it is creating a paradigm shift in how medical oxygen management is looked at.” MIJA provides solutions for pressurized gas measurement and critical information for medical, industrial, and fire protection markets.


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