Mexico vs China Pressure Gauge Manufacturing

Mexico vs China Pressure Gauge Manufacturing

For over fifteen years, MIJA has been in Mexico manufacturing spiral spring Bourdon tube pressure gauges for our customers. Experienced employees, who are trained in Lean Manufacturing, are able to produce high volume products to meet our customers’ requirements with the best quality standards available.

The MIJA Mexico manufacturing facility is capable of producing products with North American-made components that are the global standard for excellence. Our products are used in the fire protection, fire suppression, medical gas markets as well as various other industries. Our customers appreciate MIJA’s short lead times as well as total value they receive from working with MIJA to meet their demanding production requirements and schedules.

MIJA currently has pressure gauge manufacturing facilities in the USA and in Mexico. Many of our competitors use assembly lines in Asia/China. For more information on the benefits of using manufacturers in Mexico vs. China, read the fact based analysis of cost and benefits.

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