New Oxygen Pressure Gauge Regulators for Medical Industry

New Oxygen Pressure Gauge Regulators for Medical Industry

Due to the increased demand for medical oxygen in the U.S. market, MIJA began engineering new medical grade high pressure gauges for oxygen regulators. MIJA’s engineering and product design team devoted countless hours to develop a product that meets the requirements of customers in the medical and home healthcare industries.

Utilizing stainless steel tubing, MIJA’s team developed a spiral Bourdon tube high pressure gauge that is clean for a high pressure oxygen environment. The initial gauge was for the standard 0-3,000 psi application. Since the development of this first high pressure gauge, Mija has gone on to develop high pressure gauges capable of handling in excess of 6,000 psi.

Mija’s high pressure gauges are rugged. They are shock and vibration resistant, and many carry a UL listing.

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