GAWDA at a Glance

GAWDA at a Glance

A few of us from MIJA have been enjoying our time in Orlando while attending the GAWDA Annual Convention. So far we’ve met some wonderful people and look forward to building meaningful and successful business relationships.

Yesterday at the booth event we presented some our innovative technologies for the compressed gas industry, such as Critical Alert for Oxygen and Critical Alert for Industrial and provided hands-on demonstrations. The main comment we keep hearing is that these gauges really do provide a solution for the common information gap for cylinder status notification.

We’re glad to have received such a positive response from attendees and take this as a sign that we as a company are continuing to move in the right direction. For the past 41 years we’ve gained invaluable experience and industry knowledge which translates to continually developing cutting-edge products that address real life problems.

Contact our Sales Team today for more information on how MIJA can help deliver the solution you need.

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