4th of July: Fireworks Safety

4th of July: Fireworks Safety

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The 4th of July is upon us and that means fireworks are in season. Fireworks present a dangerous element to our cookouts and parties and while fun to watch from afar, they should be ultimately left to the professionals. Did you know that an average of 230 firework-related injuries occur every 4th of July? We at MIJA recommend that you see your local community’s fireworks show as they are much safer and tend to be much more extravagant! If you find yourself at a party with fireworks be sure they are taking proper precautions.

State and Local law

Many states have put laws in place outright banning fireworks. These laws are due to the steady increase in fireworks-related accidents.  Police will be enforcing firework laws and regulations during the upcoming holiday.  Check with your local government regarding these laws.

Enjoy your 4th of July

Here at MIJA, we know fireworks are a part of Independence Day. We also know there is an entire industry of trained professionals who see the 4th of July as the biggest day of their year. Bring your family and friends to the community fireworks show.   Let the professionals showcase what they do best!  In addition to staying much safer, community firework shows are usually paid for by your tax dollars!

Follow this link to see a short video put out by the National Fire Protection Agency regarding firework safety.


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