Why Simplicity is the Key to Gauge Success

Why Simplicity is the Key to Gauge Success

Technological advances have provided us with some fantastic new additions over the years; the Internet and email, LED lights, iPhones, we could go on.

However, with these advancements it’s easy to focus on the “bells and whistles” of a product instead of the overall performance, reliability and durability. In fact, some technological advancements can deter a company from focusing on the important basics.

Here are three points that must be considered in order to select a pressure gauge that will meet your needs:

  • Dial size and visibility – the gauge must be visible or else the gauge isn’t helpful
  • Accuracy – whether monitoring oxygen for patients or specialized gas for industrial applications, accuracy needs to be one of the most important factors when choosing a gauge
  • Operating pressure and temperatures range – high pressure and/or high temperature applications require a rugged, specialized gauge, built to handle industrial or harsh environments

Our durable gauges, suitable for manufacturing, industrial, lab, and commercial environments are available to meet a broad range of specific needs.

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