How to Choose Your Pressure Gauge

How to Choose Your Pressure Gauge

Every application demands specific requirements, and in order to ensure you select the proper pressure gauge for your application we recommend keeping in mind a few things:

  • Accuracy required – whether monitoring oxygen for patients or specialized gas for industrial applications, accuracy needs to be one of the most important factors when choosing a gauge.
  • Operating pressure and temperatures range – high pressure and/or high temperature applications require a rugged, specialized gauge, built to handle industrial or harsh environments.
  • Type of substance – the gauge used must be able to handle any agent, gas, fluid, foam, or other material it is monitoring. From bourdon stainless steel to copper tubing, the gauge internals must withstand the elements in use.
  • Dial size and visibility – the gauge must meet visibility and space requirements, if the readings aren’t visible, the gauge isn’t helpful.
  • Method of mounting – there are a variety of mounting methods depending on the application requirements available, and it’s important to obtain the method that will meet your needs:
    • Standard Bottom Connection
    • Center Back or Lower Back Connections
    • Panel Mount
    • U-Clamp Center Back
    • Front Flange
    • Rear Flange

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