Minimizing Industrial Gas Loss with Critical Alert

Minimizing Industrial Gas Loss with Critical Alert

Nothing can be more frustrating or more dangerous than a gas leak. In facilities where gases from Argon to Xenon may be in use, the importance of a durable gauge that can withstand the possible corrosive or acidic properties of a particular substance cannot be understated. But implementing the proper gauge can highlight pump and relief valve problems, and can also indicate when nozzles or additional application elements are becoming worn or ineffective.

As application elements wear, the spray cavity or discharge mechanisms may not work as well, changing the release amount or even the size of spray droplets, which could allow more gas or substances to pass. This is noticeable when an accurate pressure gauge is implemented and shows less pressure when a set spray will no longer cover the same area. A good pressure gauge is one of the most important elements to ensure a predictable and regular spray result.

That’s why our gauges are not a one-size-fits-all solution. We understand that an accurate pressure reading helps not only to minimize risk and liability from business interruption, but it ensures a continuous gas supply, which can be critical especially for expensive, specialty gases, or fire prevention applications.

Our durable gauges, suitable for manufacturing, industrial, lab, and commercial environments are available to meet a broad range of specific needs.

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