MIJA – Our North American Facilities Ensure Timely Results

MIJA – Our North American Facilities Ensure Timely Results

Forbes contributor, Bill Conerly, asked “Is manufacturing a good bet in America these days?” He goes on to state that U.S. manufacturing was never as weak as it seemed, labor costs are staying low, and domestic energy is helping. More importantly in our eyes, he said that a “faster changing world places a value on speed and flexibility” and “local production has always had the advantage of speed and flexibility, and these advantages will become even more important as the pace of change for businesses increases.”

In conversations that we’ve had with our customers, we consistently hear that speed, flexibility, and local production are extremely important for them, particularly as the economy continues to improve. Unlike a few years back when it was all about price no matter the point of origin, many of our customers now talk about quality and durability being a priority.

We don’t believe that speed and quality are mutually exclusive attributes. This is why we’ve made a commitment to maintain production and assembly in North America. Our workforce strives to improve its processes and find efficiencies that get our premier products out the door faster.

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