MIJA – Critical Alert Product Line Announcement

MIJA – Critical Alert Product Line Announcement

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our Critical Alert product line – a highly accurate content measurement, empty/full status detection, and notification technology.

MIJA’s Critical Alert fills an important information gap created by standard pressure gauges. Critical Alert proactively reports the pressure status of a gas cylinder, and combines one of our high-quality pressure gauges with both an audible and visual alarm.

Critical Alert is safe and easy to install. This technology is suitable for monitoring a wide range of pressurized gas applications, such as medical Oxygen, industrial gases, and many other applications.

“Critical Alert takes MIJA’s commitment to developing innovative pressure solutions to a heightened level by combining our high-quality pressure gauges with state-of-the-art electronics to report vital information on pressurized gas cylinder supplies,” said Michaela McSheffrey, Chief Operating Officer at MIJA. “Critical Alert was engineered specifically to alleviate risk and liability concerns faced by many of our customers – whether it’s safeguarding a patient’s Oxygen supply or ensuring an industrial process has a continuous flow of gas.”

MIJA designs and assembles the Critical Alert product line in North America, which allows us to maintain stringent quality control and provides the shortest lead time in the industry.

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