Experience Matters

Experience Matters

This year, MIJA celebrated its 45th anniversary of being in business. An impressive number of years for a small business, as only 30 percent of all small businesses last 10 or more years.MIJA was originally started in the 1970’s with the purpose to serve the fire protection industry and meet the growing demand for spiral spring Bourdon tube pressure gauges. As the need for reliable, high quality measurement devices in the medical and industrial gas markets grew, so did the need for MIJA’s spiral spring Bourdon tube gauges. MJIA’s gauge can now be found on most fire extinguisher and medical gas regulators globally. Many people do not know that the founder and CEO Jack McSheffrey is the man behind the vision, design and development of the stainless-steel spiral wound Bourdon tube that is currently the standard for excellence globally.

It is Michaela and Jack’s combined skills, knowledge, and experience that continue to inspire the MIJA team to create and produce quality products for the fire protection and medical gas markets. Jack offers over 50 years of experience in the pressure gauge industry and Michaela’s strategic planning skills are the reason behind MIJA’s growth, that providing jobs and new opportunities for the MIJA team.

If asked, Jack and Michaela will tell you that the real power of the company comes from the 400 plus years of combined experience within the production and management teams. Longevity and experience are important components of the MIJA culture. Statistics show that most companies face a 50% rate of turnover within two years, making it difficult provide consistent quality products and service to its customers. MIJA’s team is made up of skilled and experienced individuals, over 80% have been with the company for 10 or more years and have manufactured over 350 million pressure gauges for many of the world’s largest fire protection and healthcare companies.

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