The Value of Medical Technology

The Value of Medical Technology

When one thinks of value, they usually think about price first. Cost has a lot to do with determining the value of something. But, one very important factor that is often overlooked is the benefits that something provides.

Improved quality of life is an invaluable benefit that many of today’s medical technology aims provide. MIJA Inc.’s primary objective when developing the Critical Alert for Oxygen was to improve quality of life for those that require medical oxygen and their caregivers. Caregivers and Oxygen users alike face difficulties in managing the oxygen tanks, ensuring the oxygen tank does not run out and also the one thing that most of us take for granted, independence to do and go out whenever we want.

MIJA’s Critical Alert for Oxygen delivers many valuable benefits that have proven to improve quality of life, independence and many others. The Critical Alert’s lox oxygen alarm allows for the caregiver and oxygen user to go about their lives without having to constantly worry about the tank running out or spend valuable time constantly checking the gauge.  It is easy to use, install and fits with most medical oxygen tanks.

To learn more about MIJA’s Critical Alert for Oxygen, contact or give us a call at 781-871—5750.

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