Advances in Medical Technology Save & Improve Lives

Advances in Medical Technology Save & Improve Lives

When the pacemaker was first invented, it was the size of a hockey puck. Today, its smaller than a AAA battery. Medical technology has reduced fatalities from heart disease and stroke by more than half since the 1980’s.

Advances in medical technology are also improving patient outcomes. People are living better and longer because of smart technology. Many medical devices offer monitoring that automatically notifies the patient or doctor if a problem arises.

MIJA’s Critical Alert is a piece of medical technology that uses MIJA’s industry leading pressure gauges for oxygen monitoring. This means you can always rely on the accuracy and performance of Critical Alert and have the peace of mind that it will notify you when your oxygen cylinder is running low.

MIJA’s Critical Alert is quickly becoming the go-to product for reliable medical oxygen monitoring.  We are proud to continue to raise disease awareness and continue to offer a potentially life saving technology.

For more information on MIJA’s Critical Alert, please contact us at sales@mija.comor call 781-871-5750.

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