Oxygen Safety During Summer Power Outages

Oxygen Safety During Summer Power Outages

Power outages are more common in hot weather months than any other times of the year. The lighting and thunder storms combined with an increase use of air conditioning cause an increased demand for power that cannot always be supported, causing the rolling power outages that we have all become accustomed too.

During an extended power outage, extremely hot temperatures can be a concern for those that rely on life support devices. By Law, utility companies are required to keep a list of customers who rely on life support devices but there is no guarantee that their power will be restored in a timely manner.

If you rely on medical oxygen, please make sure you always have enough available oxygen tanks available and keep them in a safe place that is easy to find, should you need go looking for them in the dark. Always be equipped with a MIJA Critical Alert for Oxygen, no external power required and extended battery life makes it a safe alternative. During a power outage, it may be difficult to check oxygen levels, but with the Critical Alert LED lights, you will always know if you have enough oxygen and the built-in audible alarm will let you know when oxygen is running low.

Power outages can also cause fire safety issues so it is important to remember to only use flashlights and never use candles or a gas stove for heat or light.

Stay safe this summer and enjoy the beautiful weather!

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