National Critical Care Awareness Month – May 2016

National Critical Care Awareness Month – May 2016

May is National Critical Care Awareness Month! MIJA wants to recognize all the dedicated nursing professionals who care for critically ill patients and their families.

Critical care medicine is the practice of administering immediate and continuous treatment to patients suffering from life threatening diseases and conditions. Everything from heart attacks, strokes, respiratory issues, burns and gunshot wounds require critical care.

We want to ensure that all our highly skilled and specialized healthcare professionals get the recognition they deserve.

During the month of May, the Society of Critical Care Medicine encourages the public to applaud the efforts of the critical care team.

  • Wear blue on May 13! During the second Friday of the month, wear blue to show your support of National Critical Care Awareness and Recognition Month.
  • Recognize members of the critical care team. Take a moment to praise the critical care team members and other healthcare workers for their hard work and commitment to caring for a critically ill or injured loved one.
  • Learn about critical care. Patients and families are often confused about critical care, what critical care practitioners do, and the intensive care unit (ICU) setting.

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