Improve Asset Management with MIJA’s Critical Alert

Improve Asset Management with MIJA’s Critical Alert

MIJA’s Critical Alert for Oxygen is designed for hospitals, healthcare facilities and home health care providers to ensure their medical oxygen cylinders have enough oxygen to eliminate emergency deliveries and negative patient outcomes that can cause a spike in costs.

Not only is Critical Alert helpful for patients, it is an asset management tool for busy medical facilities and homecare providers. With and help from Critical Alert, managers can streamline costs and eliminate emergency situations. This translates into a 25-33% cost savings in inventory!

Saving money is an excellent benefit from using Critical Alert but something that you can’t put a price on is stress relief. With Critical Alert, patients and health care providers will ALWAYS know how much oxygen is left in the cylinder and the visual and audible alarms will alert them when oxygen reaches a critical level. Have peace of mind that you will never be in a situation where you need oxygen and the cylinder is empty.

Critical Alert is easy to install and easy to read because MIJA believes that simplicity saves lives!

For more information on Critical Alert or any other MIJA products, please contact us at or call 781-871-5750.

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