Can Technology Help Rising Health Care Costs?

Can Technology Help Rising Health Care Costs?

It is not a secret that health care costs are soaring and that one of the causes are higher prices for medical technology. However, it is innovation that has given us vaccines, antibiotics, surgical advances, and even some cancer treatments.  And still many diseases and medical conditions call for yet more innovation.

Despite the current rise in healthcare costs, technology is the key enabler in finding new ways to reduce costs and increase the efficiency and quality of care. MIJA has developed a smart technology that can do just that. The Critical Alert for Oxygen is an innovative smart technology that provides cost-savings and life-saving solutions for patient and medical facilities using portable oxygen cylinders. The Critical Alert ensures patient safety with real-time cylinder monitoring and delivers and immediate notification of low gas levels, eliminating emergency situations while also saving money with better oxygen management.

Remember, reactive is far more costly than being proactive & innovative medical technology is the key to detecting, treating, and/or preventing costly medical conditions.

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