Pressure Gauges Designed With Simplicity in Mind

Pressure Gauges Designed With Simplicity in Mind

In today’s technology driven society, everything is designed to be flashy with tons of features, but MIJA knows better. When designing a new product for either the medical, fire or industrial industry, we keep one thing in mind; simple is better and simplicity saves lives.

The Critical Alert was designed to simplify the not so easy gas management process that industries are currently using. Whether you are, a healthcare professional, patient on oxygen or an industrial manager, the Critical Alert technology is easy to use and understand. This new technology will save lives, money, and time!

The Critical Alert for Oxygen transforms the standard portable oxygen regulator into a smart oxygen monitor that continually measures the contents of a gas cylinder and visually displays color-coded LED lights indicating if you have enough gas. Once the cylinder reaches a critical level the light will blink red and the audible alarm will sound, allowing you time to change the cylinder and prevent a costly interruption. Immediate notification is no longer a nice to have it is a must have.

In addition to saving lives, Critical Alert can be used in many different industries, such as restaurants and industrial businesses. Running a restaurant like a well-oiled machines saves owners money, staff time, and keeps customers coming back. The last thing you want on a busy Saturday night is your Carbon Dioxide or CO2 is running low without warning, leaving your customers without soda or cold beer. With MIJA’s Critical Alert, you will always know how much gas you have left and when you need to change the cylinder.

MIJA’s Critical Alert adds a simple approach to gas monitoring that will streamline operations and take the guesswork out of the costly day to day decisions that medical professionals and caregivers are faced with. For more information about how Critical Alert can make your life and operations easier, contact our sales department directly.

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