Critical Alert Testimonial

Critical Alert Testimonial

Here at MIJA we value the time and effort it takes a customer or employee to write a well-written, informative, and honest review. Healthcare professional and hospitals depend on our innovative pressure solutions to take the worry and risk out of admitting and monitoring healthcare at home. A recent review was submitted for our Critical Alert device for portable oxygen cylinders that we would like to share.

Dear Jerry,


Monitoring oxygen bottles appears to be a universal problem in homes, assisted living facilities and especially nursing homes. When my father-in-law passed away in early 2015, my mother-in-law, became a resident of a Long Term Care facility, in MN. Several times we encountered the oxygen bottles on her wheelchair were empty or she had been to meals or activities and had run out of oxygen. She was unaware her bottle had emptied until she exerted herself and became extremely winded. It was then that she notified a staff member to check her oxygen gauge. It is scary to have a loved one in that situation. We were fearful she was at risk for a heart attack or stroke as a result of her heart overworking, due to lack of oxygen. It also adds stress to the nurses and aides responsible for those residents.


I thought there must be some type of alarm on the market to help alert the nursing staff and my mother-in-law that her oxygen bottle was getting low or empty. I began searching the Internet and discovered MIJA had an alarm available for purchase, we were thrilled. Finally, we had a solution to keep my mother-in-law’s oxygen bottles flowing uninterrupted.


The Critical Alert Alarm arrived and fits perfectly on their bottles. We have had no further instances with her bottle running out unnoticed. What a god sent this product has been. We have checked with several staff members and they all like the alarm. Their comments range, from “works great” “love it” to “we wish all the residents had the alarm”.


My family is so thankful that MIJA addressed a problem affecting many people across the country, came up with a solid solution, and designed an affordable product. I, my wife along my mother-in-law, wanted you to know how grateful and pleased we are. We all sleep better knowing my mother in-law is safe and no longer moving around with an undetected, empty oxygen bottle.




Mr. W.

If you or someone you know could benefit from the Critical Alert for oxygen product learn more. If you have experience with our Critical Alert for oxygen product we would love to know your feedback! Email with your feedback and review today!

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