Critical Alert Adds Value for Caregivers

Critical Alert Adds Value for Caregivers

Caregivers, whether paid professionals in a nursing home or close family members, take on an immense responsibility the second they decide to be the caregiver for someone with respiratory problems. MIJA’s Critical Alert will help ease the biggest responsibility of all for a caregiver, making sure the patient has a comfortable level of oxygen readily available.

In addition to the analog gauge providing standard visual pressure reading, an audible sound and visible LED light alerts patients and caregivers that the oxygen tanks needs attention. By using the Critical Alert at home the crucial decision making for the caregivers is eliminated, it lets you know when attention is needed. Our product is designed to help caregivers, with any level of healthcare experience, with the decision making in terms of changing batteries or monitoring the oxygen supply. The caregiver can simply look at Critical Alerts green/red light and know right away that it is either operable or inoperable. This feature holds value to the patient as well as the owner of the nursing home, assisted living, surgical center, doctor’s office, etc.

MIJA’s end goal is to introduce a simple approach to an important product for the respiratory market. All of our products are designed to streamline operations and take the guesswork out of the day to day decision making. For more information about how Critical Alert can make your life and operations easier, contact our sales department directly!

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